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Natzaret Anti-Bullying Day's great success

It all started 3 weeks ago, when during an English class of 4th of ESO we were discussing bullying and its terrible consequences. We were asked to take action, as we are the oldest in Secondary. A lot of ideas came out and we finally agreed that there must be a day at school to show our rejection to bullying, and this is how the Anti-Bullying Day was born.

We all got down to work and started preparing the campaign: we created the logo, the slogan, several posters, social media, videos… And then we started the real campaign: we visited all the classes (from the 1st Primary to 3rd ESO) and told them about the Anti-Bullying Day. Apart from showing them everything we had been working on, we asked the students to bring a white ribbon on that day, to enhance visibility. They didn’t know, but we were preparing a big surprise for them.

The Anti-Bullying Day finally arrived and the whole school was ready in the playground, waiting for us to start. First, we read the manifesto, explaining why this Day was needed and demanding a real change. Then we started the performance we had been preparing: we danced to the song "Caminem Lluny", an ode against bullying, as some of us were showing some banners with positive messages.

It was a huge success and we were all happy that the whole school liked it as much as we did. We hope we have contributed somehow to make our school a safer place.

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